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Dear Jordan High Alumni:

What a wonderful tradition we share as Beetdiggers!  Think of the lives that have been touched, friendships made, talents developed, knowledge gained and careers launched in the 95 years since Jordan's first seven-member class began in 1907.

Quoted from the late S. Glen Watts, former JAA President:
Sometimes I wonder how I could be lucky enough to be alumni president.  I wasn't anyone special in high school.  Like many of you, I played a little third-string football, marched in the band, went to dances, ate in the cafeteria, cheered at games, and earned a B+ average.  Although I didn't exactly stand out in the crowd in those days, I'm proud to have the chance to be your president now.  I find the more I learn about you - the things you have done for your families, schools, communities, cities, states, and this world - the more pride I take in you and your Beetdigger spirit.

Years ago as we met to organize the Jordan High Alumni Association, we made a commitment that this organization would:

  1. Be an aid to Jordan High School and its student body, build upon a foundation of great tradition, and provide support and scholarship awards for selected graduating students. (To date 28 students have received Scholarships ranging from $500 to $1,000 each as a result of this effort.)
  2. Serve as a link between alumni of the past and present, also to work with the administration to ensure that all alumni are always welcome at the school. (An alumni room has been added at the new high school where Beetdigger history is being preserved through yearbooks, pictures, awards, trophies, and other memorabilia.)


Please join the Jordan High Alumni Association and help carry on the Beetdigger traditions.  To join, send your name, class year, address, phone, e-mail and check to:

Jordan High Alumni Association
P.O. Box #1157
Sandy, UT 84093

The cost for a first-time membership or annual renewal is $10.  A lifetime membership is $150 As soon as we hear from you, we will send you:

Thank you for your support.

Jordan High Alumni Association Board Members

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