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October 2011 Newsletter
Harvest Award Winner is S. Glen Watts
Sandy & Wendy Watts and Kathy Damjanovich, JAA President

Our Harvest Award this year is being presented to someone who is a true and devoted Beetdigger in every sense of the word - a graduate of the class of 1963 and our Alumni Association President for the past 15 years, S. Glen Watts. A Jordan High Beetdigger means more to some people than others. A TRUE Beetdigger is proud of his school's history and tradition. He wants to carry on and maintain the values and pride that comes with attending a school with a rich heritage. That is a description of Glen.

If you're a junior or a senior, you may remember Glen. You probably saw him walking the halls of Jordan, a huge smile on his face, a cheerful hello for everyone, and he probably told you "You're Awesome." His striking white hair and beard, or maybe a cowboy hat, may also be remembered. He truly loved Jordan High School.

Glen was a friend to all and loved by many. He was born and raised in Sandy, Utah. In an era where the world is at our fingertips, Glen was happy to stay and work within his hometown, making a difference in the close and lasting relationships he created.

Throughout his life, he gave of his time and talents to many organizations. As a young man, he served in the Army National Guard and fulfilled an LDS mission to New York, Cumorah. In his adult life he was recognized and commended for his hard work and dedicated service for over 43 years, working for Qwest Communications. He loved the Boy Scouts of America and served in numerous leadership positions. He earned several awards, including the impressive Silver Beaver and William H. Spurgeon awards. The lives he improved and the values and skills he taught are immeasurable. After retiring, Glen enjoyed attending acting classes and auditioning for roles in local productions. He loved his Swiss heritage and worked with his ancestral association planning reunions and celebrations.

Glen's greatest achievement is his family. He married Sandra Lee Ash, and together they raised a beautiful family that includes eight children. He was the most adoring and playful grandpa to twenty-four grandchildren. He had a way of making everyone feel special and as if they were "his favorite." That is a rare talent.

On July 2nd, 2011, Glen passed away, leaving a great void in many ways. His passion and zest for life, his dedication and positive attitude were good examples for all of us to follow. He also improved the lives of those around him, especially the student body and alumni of Jordan High School.

If Glen were here today he would say these words:

Smile... Hug somebody... Do your best in everything you do... Love and care for your friends and classmates... Serve others without being asked... Look for the best in every person and every situation... Take care of Jordan High for me...

Money is little compared to a life!
During S. Glen Watts' tenure as president and in association with alumni, $102,000 and 96 scholarships were given out. As Beetdiggers say "Way to go, Glen!"

Our Glen
Tributes from various JAA Board Members

Following are tributes to S. Glen Watts from his staff, including their thoughts on what a wonderful leader and man he was. Please see our web site. Included there is Web Vice President Jeff Litster's tribute:

He was my best friend and confidant. I loved him as my best friend with all my heart.
- Joy Webster Bates
Glen loved everyone. He took a long-planned, three week vacation alone in his truck after he retired. One of his goals was to find someone every day to help, as well as see friends. And he did -- making many new friends along the way. We loved him.
- Linda Hyatt Julio
It was my privilege to work with Glen as a member of the Alumni Board for Jordan High. His leadership and enthusiasm were catching. Because of him, I felt that we were very successful in making people aware of the heritage that comes to one who graduated or attended Jordan High. He was tireless when it came to providing activities that would bring benefits to the student body and help build the reputation of the school. He was the driving force behind the 100 Year Centennial celebration that touched lives across the country and the world. He will forever be remembered as a "True Beetdigger." He will be greatly missed.
- Lynda Hardcastle
I thought Glen was very concerned about me. He didn't give up on me when I wasn't sure I wanted to participate. His actions were consistent with his words. He left a void that will not be filled.
- Lael Kunz Askew Ehlers
Somehow and some way Glen seemed to have the time for me after everything else he did. I felt and know that he always had my back, whether it was working together on the alumni board or personally. How he ever found the time, I will never know. He led our alumni association with passion and energy that was contagious. It goes without saying that he loved Jordan High School and was very proud to be a Beetdigger. I miss you, Glen!
- Holly Berger Thorpe
Glen will always have a special place in my heart. There are many things I will miss about my friend, Glen. The thing I miss the most is his dropping by to check on me. Thank you, Glen, for helping me to be a better person. I will do my best to pass it on. "Beetdiggers Forever!"
- Cindee Setterberg Clawson
Glen had the special trait that made everyone think they were his very best friend. He was a tremendous leader. Who could ever say "no" to him? He really was one of my best friends ever. I love him dearly.
- Argene A. Jorgenson
Glen Watts (Glennard) loved everyone unconditionally. If you knew him, you loved him!
- Jerilyn Hyatt
Glen's personality says it all. He was a friend to all. Old and young, he was a true friend to everyone.
- Gay and Larry Nielson
Glen was without a doubt the "Most Honorable Beetdigger."
- Dave Ehlers
S. Glen Watts was more than a fifteen-year president of JAA. He was a husband, father, grandfather and friend. He loved Jordan and all it stands for. He was a great example of loyalty, hard work and dedication. He was a friend to all, and I'm proud to say with him, "Beetdigger" for always.
- Caralee Backus Skinner
Glen said to me, "You have to learn to work with all different types of people," and he showed me how to do it with his special love. We disagreed on the newsletter just once, and he kept me going. During his tenure, he published three alumni directories which have proven invaluable to everyone, especially the obituary staff. Who could have imagined we would be writing his own this soon!
- Sherma Lind Yeates
From the instant I met Glen, he made me feel as if we'd known each other forever. We were the best of friends. He gave 100% to everything he did, and the Jordan Centennial reunion was no exception. He had great enthusiasm, infectious enthusiasm, that he exuded profusely for the MIGHTY BEETDIGGERS! Working with Glen on any project was fun, thus it wasn't really work. Alumni basketball, car shows, and scholarship auctions were always successful. Glen loved to win the auctions. He was a friend to everyone, with a big hug and smile, to match his personality. He was so gracious to everyone, even those that didn't go to Jordan. From the minute I started helping with the 100-year reunion, Glen informed me that I was on the alumni board and would never be able to leave. He kept me as an honorary member since my son's injury three and a half year's ago. I will forever cherish the Jordan High plate he gave me one Christmas; and the very last hug and smile I received at the car show in June, just weeks before his passing. For a great man serving as the Jordan High alumni president for an unprecedented time -- he will be incredibly missed. As a dear one-of-a-kind friend, he will be forever missed. We all loved this great giant of a man and know that he is doing great things on the other side, looking out for his dear family and friends. Till we meet again........
- Laurie and Wayne Scott
Glen Watts has been my really good friend since junior high (Mt. Jordan.) We played in the band together. Glen played saxophone, and I played the bells (like piano music.) He was kind and fun and concerned with me and my family since we started working in the JAA. I helped him with money and merchandise. He was the most positive person around. We all miss him. I personally miss my association with him in trying to keep the Jordan High spirit alive.
- Sharon Allen
Glen: G = Generous L = Laughter / Loyal E = Enthusiasm / Extraordinary N = Noble He was an amazing person! You always left his presence happy and believed you could do whatever he asked. He believed in you!
- Susan Homer

From everyone who knew Glen, to his family, Jordan and the JAA... "To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die."

Glen lives!


Golf Tournament

Next year's Golf Tournament will be on 11 August 2012.

This year's golf tournament was chaired by Carol Coy. First place winners were Billy Hall, Dyann Dyches, Jerry Brady, Mark Manzaneres. Jeff Moore, Jason Moore, Derrus Moore and Chris Moore were second place winners. Coming in third were Butch Damjanovich, Bruce Damjanovich, Rob Damjanovich and Mark Damjanovich. Thanks to Jordan High for sending a team of the school's top golfers to the tournament.

Remember to place August 11th on your calendar for next year. This will be the Fourth Annual Jordan Alumni Golf Tournament. Proceeds pay for the event and scholarships at Jordan High School.

Join us then with your golfing friends to enjoy the greens at River Oaks Country Club and Golf Course.

Time Capsule

Jordan High and the Alumni Association, in a cooperative effort, prepared a time capsule commemorating the class of 2011 - the hundredth graduating class. The class is still working on some contributions. When the capsule is ready, it will be placed in the school. We actively involved last year's senior class and clubs of 2011 in gathering materials for the time capsule.

Thanks to Archives Vice President Holly Thorpe. This was the brain child of former JAA President S. Glen Watts. He did not get to see the event to its conclusion or the opening of the time capsule - as most of us won't. However, his sudden death is not stopping the Alumni Association. There will be more on the time capsule in the next edition of Centennial Jordan.

Main Fund Raising Event

Our "Classic Car Show" is our main fund raising event. It will be held 23 June 2012. We look forward to seeing you there.

Last year's car show was great!

Allen Christensen, D.J., kept things rocking with music, contests, games, the traditional silent auction and raffle. The JAA is grateful for Peterson Motors' generosity and for all who brought out beautiful cars, trucks, hot rods, and motorcycles. Without them, we couldn't have a car show.

Awards were given to the 1st and 2nd place classic cars. Also given were "Ladies Choice" and "Diamond in the Rough" trophies.

Caralee Backus Skinner is the contact person for those wanting to participate in any way with next year's show. Her number is 801-571-3616.


Peterson Motors, Midvale, donated a 1998 Ford Explorer to the Jordan Alumni Association car show held last June. The event was the major fund raiser for scholarships at Jordan High. JAA heartily thanks the Peterson folks for their generosity. Beetdiggers can again say thanks by shopping with them when you need a car.

Trendy Creations also stepped up and donated nearly two tables' worth of goods and certificates for the car show's silent auction.

The following businesses also supported the car show and golf tournament. JAA appreciates their participation and asks Beetdiggers and friends to support all of these retailers during the coming holiday season and any time you have need for their products:

Other donations of goods and/or services include Joy Bates, Vincent Bluth, Cindee Setterberg Clawson, Debra Elison, Chris Hase, Nike Representative Mike Henry, Gay and Larry Nielson, Linda Julio, Carol Bailey Smith, Caralee and Barry Skinner, Holly Thorpe, S. Glen Watts, Robert and Kathy Damjanovich, and Sherma and Ed Yeates.