S. Glen Watts (1945-2011): A Tribute to a Jordan Legacy

S. Glen Watts (1945-2011)

S. Glen Watts
1945 - 2011
Jordan High School Alumni Association President - 15 years (1996 - 2011)

Beloved father, grandfather, brother and friend, Glen Watts touched countless lives. He had the gift to charm anyone within seconds, with his beautiful smile, jovial personality, big bear hugs and positive outlook on life.

The Jordan Alumni Association was blessed to have Glen as President for 15 years, during which he helped the Association provide 97 scholarships to graduating Beetdiggers.

Glen gave his all (and then some) in everything he did and we are ever grateful for the time we were privileged to share with him. We will miss him dearly and our love, prayers and support go out to his beautiful family (many of whom are also Beetdiggers) and thank them (especially his beautiful wife, Sandy) for sharing their "awesome" Glen with us.

Below are some pictures we'd like to share to help remember Glen.

Jordan High School bids thank you and a fond farewell to Glen
Jordan High wishes a fond farewell to S. Glen Watts (image 1) Jordan High wishes a fond farewell to S. Glen Watts (image 2)
Funeral flower arrangements
Jordan 'J' floral arrangement Beetdigger floral arrangement Beetdigger floral arrangement (close-up) Jordan Alumni Association floral arrangements
Glen and his family
Glen and his lovely wife Sandy S. Glen Watts S. Glen Watts Glen with his daughters Courtnie (and grand-daughter) and Cherish The S. Glen Watts extended family


S. Glen Watts 1945 ~ 2011

S. Glen Watts and immediate family (many of whom are Beetdiggers!) A friend to all, and loved by many, our husband, father, beloved grandpa, brother, cousin and uncle, S. Glen Watts, passed away July 2, 2011 at his home in Sandy, Utah. Glen was born on January 2, 1945 to Norma Dodge Tobler and Lawrence Richard Watts in Salt Lake City, Utah. He married Sandra Lee Ash on November 2, 1966 in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. They raised a beautiful family, always staying close to one another. Glen lived life to its fullest, never slowing down for anything. He grew up in Sandy, Utah and attended Jordan High School. He served as its alumni association president for 15 years. A devoted Beetdigger - a role he loved immensely. His second home was Lake Powell where he spent countless hours on his houseboat with family and friends. Glen served in the Army National Guard and fulfilled an LDS mission to New York, Palmyra. He was an avid participant in the Boy Scout program serving as leader in numerous capacities and earning the Silver Beaver Award. Glen retired from Qwest Communications this January after 43 years of dedicated service. After retiring, he enjoyed attending acting classes and auditioning for roles in local productions. He loved his Swiss Heritage and association with his Tobler Ancestry. He is survived by his wife, Sandy and his eight children: Wendy Butters (Erik), Tamera McCleary (Layne), Steve Watts, Scott Watts (Cindy), Cherish Moser (Dustin), Kimberlee McElreath (Marc), Courtnie Watts and Dustin Watts (Tara). He was the most adoring and playful grandpa to Johvan, Elysha, Raeben , Emery, Brinley, Aubrey, Cameron, Kael, Taylor, Spencer, Hayden, Isaiah, Layla, Kaiya, Brendon, Vanessa, Jayden, Allie, Kara, Jaycee, Toccara, Katrina and Serenity. He is also survived by his siblings, Richard Watts, Joyce Savage and Diana Howlett. Glen will be so greatly missed but so many happy memories will always stay. His big grizzly bear hugs were precious. A viewing will be held Wednesday, July 6th at the Mount Jordan First Ward, 8950 South 400 East, Sandy, UT from 6:00p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Services will be held at the same location on Thursday, July 8th at 11:00 a.m. with a viewing one hour prior. www.goffmortuary.com

Published in Deseret News on July 3, 2011 (with correction on the funeral date)

Thoughts from fellow Alumni Association members:

Glen and I met the day we started kindergarten. We became friends because when you met Glen you became his friend forever. He loved everybody and tolerated all our shortcomings. He had such a positive attitude, it was hard to be mad or sad when he was around. We graduated from Jordan together in 1963 and set out to conquer the world.

When Glen Sacos called to say he was forming an alumni organization, Glen and I showed up to work. Glen became the v.p. and when he became the alumni pres. I became his v.p. So for the past 20 years or so I have had the privilege of being his right-hand-man. I am amazed at all he could accomplish. He was determined that Jordan would always be the best school in the state and the Beetdigger Spirit would live on forever. He listened to everyone's ideas and wasn't afraid to charge ahead. He was the broad shoulders that carried the burdens of his friends and family. He would listen to your worries and leave you feeling that everything would turn out alright.

Glen also loved to play and we had great fun sharing a houseboat with him at Lake Powell. He was the organizer that got everyone ready to clean and repair the boat and get it ready every year. He was never afraid of hard work, but he played just as hard. He would visit my classes when I was teaching and the kids loved him. They would see him in the hall and run excitedly to me to say, "Mrs. D. your friend is here!"

I will miss his visits, his smiles and encouragement. I will miss my friend.

Kathy Damjanovich

I miss you more than any words can say. You are the most amazing person that i have ever known. You have touched and changed so many lives. And made such a impact on so many people. you are my best friend my biggest cheerleader and my true confidant. I will love you forever and i will miss you every single day.

Joy Bates

Glen, your zest for life was infectious. One's day couldn't help but be brightened while being in your presence. I always saw you just living forever and am still in denial that you're really away from us for a time.

I will miss you terribly. I thank you so much for being a close friend not only to myself, but to my entire family. You mean the world to Gwen and I.

The countless lives you've touched will forever carry your legacy.

I'd tell you to rest in peace, but I know you'll be busy helping God take care of things there, as well as watching over your sweet wife and family! ;)

All our love forever,
Jeff Litster and family

He called me "Sis". I called him "Bro", a little inside joke between Glen and me. I'll be glad to let you in on it if you ask. I've known Glen for many years and I can tell you, he was one of a kind! He always wore a smile and told everyone he knew they were "AWESOME". However it goes to show you, you’re here one minute and gone the next. No time to say "good by", or to say how you "appreciate" all he did, or to honor his "dedication and love of Jordan", and most important that we loved him, especially for the dreams he had for the future of JHAA.

Glen my promise to you is to keep your goals and dreams alive.

  Caralee (Sis)

Dear Glen,

Thank you. Thank you for not giving up on me when I stubbornly didn't support you and the JAA for so many years. Thank you for continuing to be my friend in spite of my indifference. Thank you for all the pins, the alumni bag, the friendship and support you gave me when I felt so lost and out of place. Thank you for your support and encouragement when I remarried. But most of all, thank you for being YOU, and all you did for the Alumni Association. Yes, you had help, but without your guidance and leadership who knows where it may have gone. Your vision and inspiration were truly the catalyst for everything good that has happened over the years.

I will miss you. I will be lost without you. The work will go on, but it won't be the same. It is my hope that the foundation you have built over the last 15 years will grow and continue to be a tribute to you as well as benefitting the future students of Jordan High.

Take my love, respect and admiration with you.

Lael Kunz Askew Ehlers

I have only been involved in the Alumni Association for the last 4.5 years - since I married Lael. With that marriage, I inherited involvement in the association and an association with Glen. I, like Glen, have a love for Jordan High and my days as a student there. Glen showed me a way to return that love to the current and future students. My favorite memory was being involved in the Alumni Golf Tournament for the last 2 years. Glen and I played on the same team both years, and I really enjoyed getting to know him better. As Lael stated, I will miss him and his smiling "awesome" face.

David Ehlers

Dear Glen, I found one of my best friends in one of the most unexpected people. Who would have ever thought. Thank you for always supporting me and my family in all that we did. I could always count on you. How did you ever have the time? You make everyone feel at ease and so comfortable ~ You are always the life of the party! So full of love and fun. Save me a seat by you in heaven.. We got a lot of laughing yet to do. I love you FOREVER! I will miss you and your drop-ins.

Diane Jackson (Workman)

Glen you have set such a great example of service for all of us to follow. It is not possible for us to fill your footsteps so we will do our best to be committed to continuing the Jordan High School Alumni Association in your honor. We will miss your smile, your encouragement and never give up attitude. We will forever cherish our memories with you in and out of the association as fellow Beetdiggers. I will miss you dropping by to check up on me. You are one of a kind Glen Watts and will always have a special place in my heart.

Love Forever My Friend,
Cindee (Setterberg) Clawson - Class of 1988

Somehow and some way Glen seemed to have the time for me after everything else he did. I felt and know that he always had my back, whether it was working together on the alumni board or personally. How he ever found the time, I will never know. He led our alumni association with passion and energy that was contagious. It goes without saying that he loved Jordan High School and was very proud to be a Beetdigger. I miss you, Glen!

Holly Berger Thorpe

Glen loved everyone. He took a long-planned, three week vacation alone in his truck after he retired. One of his goals was to find someone every day to help, as well as see friends. And he did -- making many new friends along the way. We loved him.

Linda Hyatt Julio

It was my privilege to work with Glen as a member of the Alumni Board for Jordan High. His leadership and enthusiasm were catching. Because of him, I felt that we were very successful in making people aware of the heritage that comes to one who graduated or attended Jordan High. He was tireless when it came to providing activities that would bring benefits to the student body and help build the reputation of the school. He was the driving force behind the 100 Year Centennial celebration that touched lives across the country and the world. He will forever be remembered as a "True Beetdigger." He will be greatly missed.

Lynda Hardcastle

Glen had the special trait that made everyone think they were his very best friend. He was a tremendous leader. Who could ever say "no" to him? He really was one of my best friends ever. I love him dearly.

Argene A. Jorgenson

Glen Watts (Glennard) loved everyone unconditionally. If you knew him, you loved him!

Jerilyn Hyatt

Glen's personality says it all. He was a friend to all. Old and young, he was a true friend to everyone.

Gay and Larry Nielson

Glen said to me, "You have to learn to work with all different types of people," and he showed me how to do it with his special love. We disagreed on the newsletter just once, and he kept me going. During his tenure, he published three alumni directories which have proven invaluable to everyone, especially the obituary staff. Who could have imagined we would be writing his own this soon!

Sherma Lind Yeates

From the instant I met Glen, he made me feel as if we'd known each other forever. We were the best of friends. He gave 100% to everything he did, and the Jordan Centennial reunion was no exception. He had great enthusiasm, infectious enthusiasm, that he exuded profusely for the MIGHTY BEETDIGGERS! Working with Glen on any project was fun, thus it wasn't really work. Alumni basketball, car shows, and scholarship auctions were always successful. Glen loved to win the auctions. He was a friend to everyone, with a big hug and smile, to match his personality. He was so gracious to everyone, even those that didn't go to Jordan. From the minute I started helping with the 100-year reunion, Glen informed me that I was on the alumni board and would never be able to leave. He kept me as an honorary member since my son's injury three and a half year's ago. I will forever cherish the Jordan High plate he gave me one Christmas; and the very last hug and smile I received at the car show in June, just weeks before his passing. For a great man serving as the Jordan High alumni president for an unprecedented time -- he will be incredibly missed. As a dear one-of-a-kind friend, he will be forever missed. We all loved this great giant of a man and know that he is doing great things on the other side, looking out for his dear family and friends. Till we meet again........

Laurie and Wayne Scott

Glen Watts has been my really good friend since junior high (Mt. Jordan.) We played in the band together. Glen played saxophone, and I played the bells (like piano music.) He was kind and fun and concerned with me and my family since we started working in the JAA. I helped him with money and merchandise. He was the most positive person around. We all miss him. I personally miss my association with him in trying to keep the Jordan High spirit alive.

Sharon Allen

G = Generous
L = Laughter / Loyal
E = Enthusiasm / Extraordinary
N = Noble He was an amazing person!

You always left his presence happy and believed you could do whatever he asked. He believed in you!

Susan Homer